Truth + Irony

SLATE contemporary | 473 25th Street, Oakland, CA

November 17 - December 10, 2016

"Nature, Truth + Irony" Oakland Art Murmur Walking Tour - Led by SLATE artist Diane Rosenblum : Saturday, November 19th, 2-4p

Artists' Reception : First Friday, December 2, 5-6p with Artist Remarks at 5:30p | Followed by the Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Art Walk till 9p


An exploration of humor as a path to truth across a variety of media. Exhibition will feature SLATE artists Lucky Rapp + Diane Rosenblum.

Also welcoming LA guest artist Joe Lewis, as well as two artist teams courtesy of Zener Schon Contemporary Art: REISIG AND TAYLORFlores, Gil, and Mann.



From Oakland Magazine's Fall Arts Guide:

"The pervasive, easy irony that seemed to have reached toxic levels a few years ago has been mitigated by the return of seriousness and commitment, at least in some quarters of the art world, so irony and humor with content and craftsmanship are worthy of serious notice again in a world seemingly turned upside down; it hurts more when we don’t laugh. Lucky Rapp creates paintings that simulate embossed text, only larger, and in various fonts and sizes, and coated with glossy resin, suggesting luxury consumable goods, contradicted by her choice of words, e.g., CHOCOLATE. Diane Rosenblum employs text superimposed on pictorial imagery, à la Ed Ruscha (among others). Her Clouds for Comment series pairs dramatic color photos of skies and sunsets with anonymous comments from the social-media cloudscape, e.g., THIS IS SO PRETTY I WANT TO LICK IT. "