Featured Artists

Michael Azgour

Maria Burtis

Carol Inez Charney – After Painting

Carol Inez Charney – Interior Landscapes

Raul de la Torre

Amy Donaldson

Danielle Eubank

Anastasia Faiella

Natalia Bertotti and Michael Garlington

Richard Koci Hernandez

Angela Johal – Mixed media

Angela Johal – Paintings

Maya Kabat

Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Barbara Kolo

Christy Lee Rogers


Elise Morris

Tressa Pack

Diane Rosenblum – Clouds

Diane Rosenblum – Garden

Diane Rosenblum – Golden Drawings

Diane Rosenblum – Measure of Art

Diane Rosenblum – Topography (Re)newed

Thea Schrack

Maura Segal

Audra Weaser

Brenda Zappitell

Also Representing

Edythe Bresnahan

Pauletta Chanco

Nicholas Coley

Gregg Reynolds Conly

Counterpoint Studio

Michele de la Menardiere

Robin Denevan

Amélie Ducommun

Jimi Evins

Joanne Fox

Suzanne Frazier

Jane Grimm

Katie Heffelfinger

Melissa Herrington

Carol Ladewig

Carol Lefkowitz

GR Martin

Alan Mazzetti

Geoffrey Meredith

Gail Ragains

Silvia Poloto

David Regan

Henry Riekena

Tricia Rissmann

Michelle Sakhai

Victor Cohen Stuart

Patricia Thomas

John Watson

SLATE has relationships with hundreds of artists all over the country. The Featured Artists and Exhibition pages are available as resources to offer a small sampling of work in SLATE’s extensive and diverse database. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site, please contact SLATE directly at info@slateart.net for more recommendations.