Angela Johal – Paintings

Johal’s geometric paintings are reflective of the formal aspects of mid-century California hard-edge painting and the excitement, interplay, and subtlety of color of the color field and Op art painters. The artist uses her flat, painted surfaces to create a sense of three dimensional space. Johal writes, “I want my paintings to breathe using simple, geometric shapes that suggest the infinite, for them to be viscerally understood by all, and to explore formalism without sacrificing personal style.” 

In both her painting and mixed-media collage practice, Johal prefers an approach to art that is hands-on and tactile, where the process of putting brush to panel, cutting, tearing, gluing, pressing, and so forth is an intimate and personal act. She views her artistic practice as standing in contrast to both the minimalist artists of the sixties, who sought to eliminate the artist’s hand, and current trends towards increasing digitalization, which she views as impersonal and detached.

Angela Johal holds a BFA in Painting from San Jose State University. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in venues throughout the Bay Area.