Alan Mazzetti


Alan Mazzetti creates his cityscapes with an abstract approach. Mazzetti’s subjects are selected from his Bay Area environment and serve as a starting point in the painting process. Although these paintings are recognizable as skyscrapers and buildings, he reduces them to their simple form of geometric shapes, voiding any specific colors, signs, or identifiable features. In this way, his scenes are ambiguous, allowing the viewer to form their own reactions and create associations to a number of American cities. Mazzetti notes that Richard Diebenkorn has a direct influence on his work, as he also works with blocks of color. However, unlike Diebenkorn, his color palettes are very minimal, consisting of various shades of gray, purple, and beige. Mazzetti states that his color palette is very influenced by JMW Turner, whose paintings are extremely soft and atmospheric. This is another technique he uses to abstract his compositions. Mazzetti works in a series of layers, and often adds sharp lines of tape within his works to emphasize depth.


Alan Mazzetti received his BFA in Design from Academy of Art in San Francisco. He has shown in numerous groups shows throughout California, including The Collector in Berkeley, Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, and the Mezzanine Gallery in San Francisco.