Anastasia Faiella


Anastasia Faiella works with and against the limits of her media. When does paint resist her gesture and intention? When might words fail to communicate? Through her work as a dancer, Faiella realized that she needed discipline and structure to press against the challenges of the body. Her artistic practice continues this method of rigor and repetition to work beyond what she knows.

Faiella’s recent body of work is informed by her earlier performance art, as it investigates the role of the body in mark making.  Her investigation questions how repetition and extended gestures become legible, and how repletion or the body can interrupt access to words.  In these paintings, letters across a canvas invite but refuse reading.  Through gestures with translucent and opaque paint, she renders the difficulty of accessing language: the viewer wants to read through, to know or understand, but are instead kept at a distance.


Anastasia Faiella earned her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2004. At the University of Minnesota, she earned a BA in Art History. Her artwork is informed by her experiences as a dancer and traveler, as well as art history.

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