Angela Johal – Mixed media


Angela Johal’s collage work draws from pop culture, consumerism, and the sea of images and choices that tend to leave one void. Johal uses mainly recycled material, found images and objects. At a distance, Johal’s collages and assemblages may appear to be abstract paintings, but as you draw closer, ordinary and familiar objects or images begin to emerge.

In Johal’s “Gas Station” series, she uses original metal fractions and magazine images from the 1960’s to reflect on a culture she once saw and experienced, yet the way multiple images are arranged is reflective of our current ability to digest multiple images in short periods of time. Zero Tenths to Eight Tenths suggest the ebb and flow of time—a time that moved slower where there was time to reflect, create, experiment, and explore. Nine Tenths is purposefully left out since Johal says, “We are always at Nine Tenths now, we just can’t move any faster.” Johal ascribes little meaning to the numbers in relation to the images since her aim is to redefine them and views them as beautiful shapes.


Johal prefers an approach to art that is hands-on and tactile, where the process of cutting, tearing, gluing, pressing, and so forth is an intimate and personal act. She views her artistic practice as standing in stark contrast to a world that is becoming more digital, which is impersonal, detached, and photoshopped. Angela Johal has a BFA in Painting from San Jose University and she is represented by SLATE Contemporary Gallery in Oakland, CA.