Audra Weaser


Audra Weaser’s work takes nature as its central point of reference, resulting in physically charged images reminiscent of watery landscapes. These abstracted scenes are formed from rhythmic manipulations of color and materials.

Her process begins with loose charcoal sketches, upon which she builds layers of pigment. As her intuitive, organic composition emerges, the artist refines and then obscures her creation with a veil of white until the initial colors disappear.  Then, through the negative process of sanding, she navigates back into her painted surface. In this excavation, mysterious forms emerge anew from the white expanse. These works evoke images such as swampy bayous, mystical forests, and light shining in from gathering weather. They channel an essence of what is unseen, yet translated into a visual and poetic experience.

The artist writes: “Nature in an abstracted or reflected state has always been an inspiration for me; specifically, the moment at which a connection is made—or appears—between an exterior and inner reality.  And it is this powerful, but elusive moment that I aim to convey in my paintings.”


Audra Weaser was raised in Southern California and lives and works in Los Angeles. She earned her MFA in painting from Claremont Graduate University. She has shown widely in Los Angeles and has exhibited nationally and abroad. Her work is in private and public collections in cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.