Carol Inez Charney – Interior Landscapes


Carol Inez Charney approaches photography with the sensibility of an abstract painter: she works in large formats, focusing on color, composition, and light. In 2013 she began crystalizing the liquid before capturing the intricate forms produced by changes in state from liquid to solid and back again, as a way to further articulate the dynamic between the natural and built worlds, while still continuing to explore the artistic process of intention, decision, accident and discovery.

In her newest body of work, she “paints” with water on glass, creating a dialogue between this surface and a series of vibrantly colored architectural photographs. The filters of moving water that she builds into the surface are her way of bringing gesture, movement, fluidity, and chance (qualities often associated with abstract painting) into her work – but in a distinctly photographic language.

Charney’s photographs are available as prints but she prefers to present them mounted, either on masonite, or on aluminum under a layer of plexiglass, attached to a stretcher that allows them to hover a few inches in front of the surface of the wall. In this format, it is easy to forget that these are objects. Instead they become immaterial fields of purely sensational imagery.


Holding a BA in painting from UC Santa Cruz and an MFA in photography from San Jose State University, Carol Inez Charney has exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery and the Foster White Gallery in Seattle; Patricia Sweetow Gallery and the SFMOMA artists gallery in San Francisco; George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles and New York; and at SLATE contemporary gallery in Oakland.