Counterpoint Studio


Lisa Levine and Peter Tonningsen are two photographers who collaborate together under the name, “Counterpoint Studio.” Viewing their project as a visual conversation, Counterpoint aims to redefine the idea of authorship by creating a novel approach to representing a landscape that moves beyond what either artist can achieve individually. One artist begins by shooting various landscape scenes on a single roll of film, this roll is then rewound and the other artist will shoot on top of the original photographs. This process is repeated and formatted using digital technologies, thus resulting in a final image that is a layered union between the characteristics of the digital and analog form and describes a creative interchange composed of fragments of information, time, and space.


Levine and Tonningsen met at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley when they were both artists-in-residence. They live in Alameda and teach Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Their work has been widely exhibited and they recently had a solo show at the Oakland Museum of California. Their most recent work focused on documenting and interpreting the replacement of the Eastern span of the Bay Bridge, and was commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Please note, Counterpoint’s images are available as archival pigment prints or metal prints and come in a variety of sizes with a selection of finishes. Please email: for inquiries.