David DeFelice


For artist David DeFelice, the process of painting and the story conveyed in each composition are of equal importance. DeFelice consciously weaves narration and paint together as he works. The layers of his materials range from thin transparent washes, to thick opaque marks; creating a range of texture and depth. The artist paints or draws images on the canvas, and then flips the canvas to add more coats of oil and acrylic. These layers of paint and charcoal marks come to represent the history that travels within the place or subjects in the painting. The more expressive elements of the painting represent the mysterious, unknown or eternal parts of a landmark or person in the composition. As the artist explains, “The story in these paintings are autobiographical, spiritual, and come from wanderlust along with an attempt to connect with that which is universal.”


David DeFelice is an American artist living in Southern California. He has exhibited his work widely in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Southern California. DeFelice received his MFA from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.