David Fredrik Moussallem


David Fredrik Moussallem’s mixed-media works blend chaos and harmony, all while expressing different “stories from the streets.” Extensive world travels inspire his focus on global subcultures and urban street life, as he incorporates photographs of graffiti and physical remnants of street posters into his pieces. His current body of work focuses on urban youth and their struggle to express themselves both individually and as a generation.

Moussallem’s background in advertising, graphic design, and typography also heavily influence his work as text, photography, and paper overlap one another in remarkably detailed compositions, which the artist describes as “revealing our differences and similarities in a raw and honest approach.” 

While advertising and street art are key elements of Moussallem’s material palette and also often his subject, the resulting compositions are actually quite formal, nodding to Abstract Expressionism with a strong interest in gesture and process, while still balancing color, weight, relationships between figure and ground, and the edges of the picture plane. These effects are explored in more depth in works like “Solo,” where we see the influence of past generations in the abstract background painting, as well as the young artist’s need to make his own voice heard, evidenced in the destructive and transformative act of physically carving and cutting through the original painting. The first impression, from a distance, is often of a very elegant abstract work of art, which only begins to reveal the raw physicality of scrapes, cuts, and tears at a closer range.


David Moussallem is quickly building an international reputation. His work has been exhibited at galleries and art fairs in Paris, New York City, South Florida, and his hometown of Toronto, ON, Canada.