Diane Rosenblum – Golden Drawings


Diane Rosenblum is a photographer and a conceptual artist whose work is series-driven. In her Golden Drawings series of small improvisational collages, Rosenblum has created dozens of small works, made from cut strips of metallic paper combined with occasional touches of pencil and expressive paint. The compositions harken back to art deco architectural motifs and Bauhaus and Constructivist design. Reductive, simple, and modular, they are each one whole and complete unto themselves, but also work well in series to create larger compositions and narratives.

The artist likens their production to musical riffs, which balance improvisation with underlying patterns and structure. They also speak quietly of value and seduction in economic systems, of gilded architecture, of standards, and of currency.


Diane Rosenblum studied Studio Art and Art History at Oberlin College, and has a Masters degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography. She has exhibited internationally in China, Argentina, and throughout the United States and California. Her work is in 20 museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the LA County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, and The Albertina Museum in Vienna, among many others. She is represented by SLATE contemporary in Oakland.