Edythe Bresnahan


Edythe Bresnahan’s work centers on her interest in the beauty and quality of line. She is constantly looking for the compositional environment to enhance the concept of a vibrant black line. Her most recent series, the Siena Series, are a direct result of her trips to Italy. She remembers many of the Roman buildings having white, marble interiors with black accents throughout.

The paintings in the Siena Series begin a burnt siena color as the background on the canvas. This is gradually turned into the hazy-white color through a build-up of thin layers of oil paint and glaze. She introduces black shapes and lines into the middle of the compositions with subtle hints of blue around them, which results in a blurred appearance almost as if they were drawn with charcoal.


Edythe Bresnahan received her BFA from Holy Names College in Oakland and her MFA in Painting from UC Berkeley. She was the recipient of an Artist in Residence grant from the California Art Council and received recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts. She served as the head of the Art department at Dominican University of California for over 20 years before retiring in 2008. She has exhibited in multiple group and solo shows throughout Nevada and California and has maintained her studio at the Emeryville Artists’ Coop for over 30 years.