Eric Bohr


Eric Bohr is a painter consistently excited by material experimentation. Combining technique with various media – ink, paper, found objects –provides him with the means to truly revel in his work. Bohr works intuitively, learning and developing lines of inquiry to complete compositions. Most of his work is with acrylic paint on canvas, which allows for quick decisions and revisions. He likes to leave the lines and marks of progressive experimentation visible in the final product to show the work of his hands. In this way his work remains fresh, vital and alive.

Bohr’s ongoing series Frontiers, are colorist, hard edge paintings concerned with making depth and space in the simplest manner possible. The borders of the shapes and colors are a means of creating layered depths to provide the viewer with the feeling of entering into the plane of the canvas.


Eric is a painter, writer, and installation artist living and working in Oakland, California. He was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan and studied painting at Michael Jacobs Fine Arts in Venice, California. He has exhibited throughout California as well as New York City and Washington DC.