GR Martin


Greg Martin describes his work as “Offbeat Realism”—realism with just enough of the stage-out-of-place to make the viewer pause. Channeling elements of surrealism, fairytale, and Andrew Wyeth, Martin’s painstakingly detailed paintings often take very domestic, interior-focused scenes and set them in exposed, deserted fields. The quotidian nature of the objects that populate his paintings and the ambiguity of his scenes haunt the viewer with questions. In both “The Door We Never Opened” and “Morning Bell,” the viewer is left adrift, asking what are his (mostly female) characters up to? How did they end up here? Are they free or trapped? Is this a romantic fantasy or a nightmare? What will happen next? Lodged in a state of limbo, there are a million ways that these stories could have begun and could still end.


Greg Martin was taught perspective when he was ten. Fascinated with this outlook, he applied it to all his drawings until the feeling came naturally. He has the same emotional response to painting today that he did when he started. Since then, he has exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Oakland Museum of California, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Masur Museum of Art (Monroe, LA), and multiple solo gallery exhibitions in Colorado, Michigan, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, and Taipei.