Jane Grimm


Jane Grimm’s minimal ceramic sculptures display her formal interests in form and motion. Although her various series are extremely different from one another, she has been tending toward minimalist geometric forms in white and grey in recent years. Additionally, all of her sculptures contain the build-up of similar shapes with some displaying slight changes between each other to emphasize an evolution from one shape to another.


Jane Grimm received her AB from Sarah Lawrence in Boston and moved to New York City shortly thereafter to pursue a career as a jewelry designer. Her jewelry was featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and sold in department stores throughout the US. She began working with clay in the early 70s. She returned to San Francisco to receive her MFA in Ceramics from CCA and was the recipient of the Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fellowship of the San Francisco foundation. Jane’s sculpture has been on display nationally and internationally in a variety of venues including museums, galleries and alternative spaces such a s the Richmond Art Center, the San Francisco Museum of Craft and folk Art, the Oakland Airport, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, the American Museum of Ceramic Art and the Oakland Museum Sculpture Court. Her installations have been commissioned by corporations such as Lucent, J. Moore Partners, LLC, Neiman Marcus and Wachovia Bank.