Jen Pack


Jen Pack’s work embodies a space in the seam between painting and sculpture, yet is made of fabric. It intersects sculptural forms and minimalist painting while referencing traditional fiber arts. It combines softness and transparency with the hardness of shaped and solid form; heightened by her angular, custom made frames. Pack’s work challenges the viewer to reconsider the artistic products associated with traditional feminine craft while referencing a masculine heritage. It exists in a state of duality that is familiar yet displaced and evokes conversations that examine perception and process.

The artist describes herself as “a color explorer” as she considers explorations into the fluid nature of color to be, in essence, an inquiry into our notions of truth. The nature of Pack’s work is one of integration of tensions through the collapsing of genres and spaces. She attempts to see into the depths of color and past outer distractions to meaning that resides within deconstructed forms. There are infinite intermediate colors on the color spectrum to explore; encouraging the artist to develop what she calls “color-sight” and un-enclosed perception. She states,  “I hold joy in integration of intersections and awe when contrived boundaries become permeable.”


Jen Pack’s works have been exhibited widely throughout the United States with work held in various private and public collections. She was born in Oregon and spent most of her life on the West Coast, but now resides in New Mexico. She received a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and an MLIS from San Jose State University.