Jimi Evins


Influenced by diverse sources including Chinese calligraphy, the work of 19th century painter William H. W. Turner, and Abstract Expressionist painters from the 1950s Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline; Jimi Evins’ work references landscapes as well as the rhythmic patterns of jazz music and urban life. Evins approaches each canvas without a strict plan, allowing imagery to evolve from process. His swift brushstrokes dance across the surface, inviting the viewers to step in closer and discover its rich texture. The final compositions are passionate and spontaneous–yet balanced, and display Evins’ interest in the study of paint, both as a medium and as a subject. 

Evins describes the color, texture, and shapes within as tools that explore his ideas of how form conveys feeling and mood. He says, “I am in awe of how paint can be combined, shaped, and made into images never seen before, and still offer beautiful songs, poems, and revelations.” In other words, Evins uses his artwork to make viewers aware of an energetic peace that he encounters in everyday life, and hopes to share.


Evins graduated with High Distinction in painting from California College of Arts (Crafts). Since then, his work has been influenced by his travels to Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, and Europe, as well as his work with youth and collaborations with other artists. He has been a multi-year CAC Artist in residence, worked on various collective mural projects in the Bay Area and was the site coordinator and lead artist for the initial phase of 100 Families; Arts & Social Change Project in Oakland.

Evins has exhibited at the High Museum in Atlanta, GA., Oakland Museum of California., San Francisco Art Commission, Oliver Hyde Gallery at CAC., Canada College in Woodside, CA., San Pablo Gallery, San Pablo, CA., Solano College, Solano CA.