John Watson


John Watson creates intricate yet subtle images with the combined toolboxes of photography, graphic design, and textile design. His practice explores the interplay between abstraction and readability of photographic-based images. His process of creation involves isolating specific areas within his photographs, then building his final composition through a transformation of the image into patterns through repetition. Although energetic to the eye from a distance, once seen closer, his work reveals a simple, rhythmic beauty that resembles woven textiles.


John Watson first began his multidisciplinary creative work in the developing field of graphic design. While attending San Diego State University, he was inspired by the design annuals of the Art Directors Club of Tokyo to explore his own artistic practice. He became a self-taught artist, and eventual moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning with pastel on paper drawings and cut-outs, his work evolved into cutting and reassembling photo prints. Today, his work includes multiple series of similar photographic fragmentation and arrangements, textile, and surface designs. While John has been using digital techniques to transform his photography, he still maintains his classical fondness for the “un-manipulated” image.