Kate Zimmer


Kate Zimmer is a contemporary abstract painter working predominantly in acrylic with some elements of mixed media. While her work is primarily abstract, some work might have representational elements. Zimmer finds her paintings are “visual manifestations” of her mood depending on the moment. She usually begins a painting with a color that resonates with her that day and as the painting evolves, a conversation begins to take place in which each choice informs the next. Zimmer’s work focuses on evolution, discovery and emotion as she explains:

“It is a dialogue that is spontaneous and intuitive, a kind of self-reflection (like looking in the mirror), and a way of finding my own identity as a painter and a person. Through the use of color and gestural mark-making as a means to show energy and movement, my art seeks to inspire feeling, and at the same time is interesting and beautiful.”

Kate’s artistic process is very meditative and provides a means of getting out of her own way and losing herself in a journey where the destination is unknown, yet eventually found. It is a practice of self-discipline, letting go of fear and judgment, and requires a willingness to step outside her comfort zone.


Kate Zimmer has won a number of awards including the exhibition Boundaries and Balance Juror’s Choice Award at the Arts & Crafts Cooperative, Inc.; 30th Anniversary Women’s Works at the Northwest Area Arts Council juried group show; and she received third place in Flowers, Plants, and Gardens 2 for the Art- Competition.net International Online Group Exhibition. Kate studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, and continues exploring new media within her practice in the Bay Area.

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