For 23 years, Lola has made northern California home. The New York native trekked out west and stumbled upon a career as an artist. Without formal training or color education, this artist commands color theory as if she had studied with Ellsworth Kelley or Mark Rothko. Each painting has notes of midcentury with a calm contemporary appeal and the bold colors are representative of the artist’s vivacious and confident personality. With origins as a collage and assemblage artist, Lola continues to use the same additive process to create her current body of work, moving slowly with meditative intention. “When I am in my studio, there is nothing outside of myself and my work,” says the artist of her process. Each artwork is created by layers of resin poured by hand, in a dust free environment, and watched as it dries. When working in resin, in order to create shapes the artist has to continually clean and contour the edges of the shape as the liquid spreads. The method is slow and meditative and has been developed over years of creative evolution.