Maura Segal


When artist Maura Segal was a child, she loved doing puzzles so much she wondered how she could turn it into a career as an adult. Looking back, she writes, “I realized that finishing a puzzle gave me a sense of order, of inner-peace, a sense of calm, as if everything made sense, even if just for a fleeting moment.” Maura still feels the same today when she finishes a new painting.

Maura’s work is a reflection of her contentment with life’s daily routine. Her art references the curved, sloping lines and networks of intertwining pathways that she observes in her daily drives through a city in motion. The sun-drenched hues of the Southern Californian palette frame and anchor these dynamic pathways. The meticulous clean lines and brushstrokes in her artwork reflect her pursuit of order and balance; everything needs to be in its right place. The lines, just like urban roads, are carefully planned out; an ever changing infrastructure, an organized chaos.

As Maura explains, “Just like the pieces of a puzzle fit together to create one picture, I attempt to organize my world, one artwork at a time.”


Maura Segal lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her BA from California State University, Northridge, in graphic design. Her work is held in collections across the country, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital in Los Angeles; the DC JW Marriot, Presidential Suites, Washington D.C.; and the Albamarie facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She is represented by various galleries across the country including SLATE contemporary, Ann Connelly Fine Art, Blue Print, Amy Simon, Matthew Rachman, and Hohmann Fine Art.