Maura Segal


Maura Segal creates abstract, multi-layered artworks from papers and acrylic paint. She is deeply inspired by the Los Angeles landscape and lifestyle, from the sun-drenched vegetation to the bustling network of intertwining urban arteries. She explores the relationships between these coexisting factions through her juxtaposition of dense, geometric paper forms and the rhythmic, expressive lines of her painting.


Maura Segal lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, and she received her BA from California State University, Northridge, in graphic design. Her work is held in collections across the country, including the Martin Luther King, Jr., Hospital in LA and the Albamarie facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is represented by SLATE contemporary (Oakland, CA), and her works are also exhibited at Ann Connelly Fine Art (Baton Rouge, LA) and Blue Print (Dallas, TX).