Melissa Herrington


Melissa Herrington creates mixed media paintings that oscillate between the representational and the abstract. Using oil, acrylics, resin, and occasional found fibers, her paintings explore concepts of entrapment, emergence, layering, and life. Some pieces appear raw and stripped bare while others evoke a visual field of depth and motion through nests of space. Images are subverted by erasures made from solid fields of mostly tan or off-white hues. Forms appear familiar—spheres, ropes, knots, ribbons, spider webs, tree branches, tear drops, eggs—but are put into new contexts as they settle among intricately rendered lines, delicate strands wrapping bodies, and color floating across the surface. Herrington’s objects and images are never too explicit, which increase their capacity to evoke a wide range of associations and recollections.

In her own words: “These works are created through a culmination of references; some purely visual, some to do with words, travels, memory and experiences. Fluid movements through different layers and planes of colors mark a space between impression and imprint. . . . I fuse dream-like meanings and delicate drawings. Floating colors and unsteady shapes blend on the surface of spilling muted tones and marks are meticulously irregular appearing as though left unintentionally by a trace. These elements create a sense of a landscape: a map; a stain; chronicling a journey.”


Melissa Herrington received her B.F.A. from Florida State University and moved to California to receive her M.F.A. from Otis College of Art and Design. In 2012, she served as artist-in-residence at La Sallian International in Italy. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States at galleries in Idaho, Georgia, Los Angeles, and Oakland, CA where she is represented by SLATE contemporary. Melissa Herrington currently lives and works out of a studio in Venice, California.