Natalia Juncadella


Natalia Juncadella works primarily with memories from her upbringing that have shaped her identity. Born and raised in Miami, FL and being of Colombian and Cuban descent, her Latin background is often brought to the foreground through her choice of vivid colors, bold strokes and familial imagery she portrays in her work.

Juncadella’s compositions invite us into interior spaces, intimate moments, memories, and colorful scenes. Growing up she was always surrounded by family, fruit trees, and lots of plants; the impact of which is evident in her work. Despite the representational aspects of her paintings, the artist favors abstraction. As she explains, “I’ve always been drawn to abstraction because I feel it dissuades quick judgements, invites mental and emotional exploration and provides an uninhibited environment not only for the spectator, but especially for myself.” The emotional rush she feels when she desires to paint, is the same feeling she used to have when she wrote her thoughts in a diary as a child. Abstraction gives way for her thoughts and emotions to freely drip onto the blank canvas. Emotion and energy are tangible in her paintings as she describes:

Some days, I can tell I’m optimistic because of the color palette I seemed to have subconsciously chosen. Other days, I can tell I’m feeling self-conscious or anxious due to the type of strokes I create. Sometimes, I can tell I’m excited or feeling energetic if I paint quickly; and other times, my strokes or colors seem to describe a very different emotional state. Each time I paint marks a moment in my life.

Juncadella’s compositions demand attention with bold, flat expanses of color that still convey a strong sense of space. The artist’s incorporation of personal experience, memory, and emotion into each painting invites the viewer to establish their own personal connection with the work. 


Natalia Juncadella studied Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) with concentrations in graphic design and painting. She has exhibited work in Miami, Boston and the Bay Area. She currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.