Phillip Griswold


Phillip Griswold’s painting defies genre categories by deftly combining cubism, abstract expressionism, landscape, and geometric painting. His main interest is in connecting light, space, and geometric form. In his most recent work, lines, cubes, and lozenges disrupt and intersect sections of urban imagery, breaking the scenes apart before synthesizing them into a new whole. The contemporary imagery, suffused with site-specific light, originates from observation captured by photography for future reference. The lozenge shapes originate in polygonal forms that the artist has encountered in modernism, mathematics, and the growth patterns of salt and other elements. These forms generate a push-and-pull between the flatness of the picture plane and the illusion of depth, creating a complex, polymorphous, and very contemporary space.


Phillip Griswold was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and received his MFA at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, in 2010. He has been featured in exhibits in Santa Monica, Culver City, Greater Los Angeles, as well as internationally, including Beijing, China. His paintings are a part of public and private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Lucerne, and Beijing. He lives and works in Southern California.