Suzanne Frazier


Suzanne Frazier’s work is based on her interpretation of patterns and shapes found in water and nature. From this point of departure, she has created a extensive vocabulary of forms that she uses in her abstract compositions. The foundation of each painting is an arrangement of shapes that are, in turn, built upon and responded to by additional shapes. Every mark and color informs the next, and the painting reveals itself over time through the artist’s call-and-response manner of working. This process allows Suzanne to move away from the representational qualities of her subject, focusing on the formal qualities of color and figuration laid down over time. The paintings express a quality of rhythm, harmony and a system—like not unlike water and nature.


Suzanne Frazier maintains both a painting studio in Sausalito and a printmaking studio in The Sea Ranch, California. The Marin Art Council has awarded her both a Career Grant and an Individual Artist Grant. Suzanne has most recently exhibited at Gallery 16 (San Francisco, CA), Placewares Gallery (Gualala, CA), and Rear Storefront Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). She holds a degree in Biomedical Illustration from UC Davis, and her work is held in private collections nationally and abroad, including the corporate headquarters of Redwood Trust, Inc.