Better Together

Thea Schrack, Richard Koci Hernandez, Kate Zimmer, Eric Bohr, Michael Azgour, John Watson, Lisa Kairos, Danielle Eubank, Katy Kuhn, Rob Snyder, Isaac Lewen, David Regan, Marta Moreu + Adam Shaw

Online exhibition

May 13 - May 20, 2020

Better Together: Pairing of Art to Create Dialogue

Perhaps it was social distancing that created the mantra ‘Better Together’, but when it comes to collecting or installing artwork, the pairing, and placement of art aids in creating interesting dialogue.  It allows one to easily compare and contrast a pair or multiple works. Mixtures of media such as sculpture and painting together help create interest and variation. Scale and balance also come into play, by simply pairing a large work with smaller ones, and accentuating movement or line and/or perhaps letting the tonal qualities connect the pieces together. And last but not least placing thematic works together exemplify the emotional hit the viewer may receive.
For example, not only the hue but also the rigid structure and linear quality of Lisa Kairos’s The Acoustics of Water are mirrored in Rob Snyder’s hand-cast glass vessel. And when comparing Marta Moreu’s bronze of the couple on horseback frozen in a moment of time and yet still surging forward alongside Thea Schrack’s very still and contemplative encaustic photograph with the revealing title Time Rushing By II we understand the thematic tie. Both share a similarity of symbolism and emotion of what so many of us are feeling in today’s mandate to Shelter in Place. ‘Better Together’ promotes the idea of likeness, relationship, and exemplified beauty through the pairing of works by SLATE Artists alongside a few guest artists.
-Robin Reiners, Tahoe and Napa Director