Clorox Building, Oakland

Howard Hersh

Clorox Building Lobby | 1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA

January 7-April 10, 2021 | Hours: Due to Covid-19 pandemic, hours may vary. Please make viewing appointment with SLATE.

Featuring a collection of dimensional artworks from renown San Francisco artist Howard Hersh. These works explore spatial dynamics, structure and form.

“As my work has moved towards a more sculptural orientation, the palette has likewise followed with a much reduced chromatic range. Working in black and white primarily, has helped me visualize my artwork in terms of form and structure. I see neutrally painted areas as “holding space”. In keeping with the definition of that phrase, the paint carries neither judgement or associative powers. While a strong black will call attention to itself, its sole purpose is to articulate space. A secondary, and almost ironic, ‘raison d’etre’ is to reflect light, brightening what is ordinarily considered ‘dark’.” -Howard Hersh