Black & White

Anastasia Faiella, Barbara Kolo, and Patricia Thomas

SLATE contemporary | 473 25th Street, Oakland, CA

August 31-October 28, 2017 | Hours: Thursday—Saturday 12—5p + by appt

SLATE contemporary gallery presents a dramatic and edgy three-person exhibition, Black & White, for the fall season in Oakland, featuring three artists who explore the classic tensions of black and white through text, motion, and objects. Highlights include a large-scale mixed-media sculpture by Patricia Thomas (Oakland, Marin), alongside paintings by Anastasia Faiella (San Francisco) and Barbara Kolo (Los Angeles).

The focus of the show is on black and white contrast, and on the power, tension, and drama, that can be created when the two come together. Another theme that runs through this show is repetition and accumulation. In other words, what magic happens when a small manual gesture (looping a string around an object, laying down a dot of paint, or writing a word) is repeated again and again until something much larger begins to exist in the world? How can an accumulation of small gestures create something much more powerful than the sum of its parts? And how  does a work of art hold a history of the body, of the movements of its maker, and of time?

Patricia Thomas is represented by one charcoal drawing, and one monumental sculpture made by wrapping nine chandeliers in fuzzy thread and installing them in a display case with a chain attached to the ceiling.

Barbara Kolo brings an obsessive meditation to creating large paintings out of thousands of  tiny dots. While they are meant to be abstractions of nature, they are also formal explorations into illusionism using the barest of tools.

Anastasia Faiella creates her imagery through writing, which becomes a visual language of its own. Her work focuses on memory, narrative, movement, and repetition.

Opening reception: Friday September 1st 6-9PM  | 
Artist talk and tour: Friday September 1st 6:30pm

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