State of Change

Audra Weaser, Danielle Eubank + David Ruth

SLATE contemporary | 473 25th Street, Oakland, CA

October 3 - November 30, 2019 | Hours: Monday through Friday 10—5pm Saturday 12—5pm + by appt

SLATE contemporary is pleased to present State of Change, an exhibition featuring two painters and one glass sculptor. State of Change presents works which address elements in the natural world that are subject to transformation: from glaciers, to oceans, to watery landscapes.

Audra Weaser‘s work takes nature as its central point of reference, resulting in physically charged images reminiscent of trees and bodies of water. As the artist explains, “I’m continually inspired by the elements of the natural world which are in a constant state of flux — from the powerful force of rushing waters to shafts of light glimpsed through a forest of trees. These external states often correspond to internal feelings which I hope to elicit in the viewer.” These works evoke images such as swampy bayous, mystical forests, and light shining in from gathering weather.

Danielle Eubank‘s work occupies the liminal space between abstraction and representation, actively seeking out the tipping point between the conceptual and visible in her subject of choice: water. Through the theme of water, Eubank is also highlighting the consequences of the human footprint on landscapes all over the world. Destruction surrounds many sites where she works, and her paintings can feature such items as cigarette butts, oil slicks, and cans. The artist explains, “Looking for formal value is my way of coping with the destruction.”

David Ruth’s glass sculpture forms a geological connection between a man-made material and sources in nature such as icebergs and rock faces. Ruth makes sculpture molds from objects like glacier ice and stone as a way to record that which is facing tremendous change in our current climate.  The sculptures record the things we see in nature while at the same time, comment on the fragility of our environment.